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We understand that a new roof, solar, or energy improvement is a financial investment and can seem like a daunting task. Our team guides you through the process quickly, from quote to completion.

  1. Get a free, detailed estimate within 48 hours. Read more ▼
    • We will request some basic information over the phone to generate an assessment. This speeds up the quote process and helps us cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and drivetime.
    • If you prefer, we will do an in-person meeting at your property to discuss your needs. This may extend the amount of time before we can provide an estimate.
  2. Review the estimate report, ask questions, review financing options, and agree to move forward on the project. Read more ▼
    • We will include a breakdown of the project scope and materials.
    • If applicable, you’ll select colors and material types.
    • We partner with trusted resources to offer financing options, learn more here.
  3. We schedule a visit to your property. Read more ▼
    • If our inspections find that the work isn’t necessary, we will let you know. This can give some clients a timeline to save and check-in before scheduling the work. Others elect to proactively make improvements and reduce their energy costs.
    • Because we value sustainability, we don't want to create unnecessary waste or increase our carbon footprint by doing work that isn't wanted. We aren't going to upsell you on items that won't benefit you or the environment.
  4. We arrange any necessary permits and schedule the project based on your needs. Read more ▼
    • If your project requires immediate attention we will do our best to prioritize it.
    • Most projects can be completed in less than a week from start but this is dependent on project scope and building size.
  5. Once completed, our superintendent performs final inspections and answers any questions you may have. Read more ▼
    • We make sure all work is done completely and accurately.
    • We leave our job sites as clean or cleaner than we found them.
  6. Once the project is complete we’re still here to help you. Read more ▼
    • We provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure efficient and proper functionality of our installations.
    • We have warranties and guarantees in place. Should anything arise, contact us and we will work with you to ensure your needs are met.


We understand that some clients only need one of the services we provide but for those who are looking to maximize their energy-efficiency, we take a holistic approach to give them the most cost and time effective improvement plan. Would upgrading insulation reduce the number of solar panels on a project and reduce the total project cost for our customers? If so, we will recommend this but only if we believe it would be beneficial to you. We look at each service we provide as a piece of your building’s energy-efficiency puzzle. We think critically about how we can select pieces so that you get the most out of your time and money.






Don’t see a service that you’re looking for? Please let us know. We are continuously improving to meet our customers’ needs.


We’re based out of Santa Rosa, CA and Service Sonoma, Marin, Napa counties and the Greater bay area.

Here is a map of our service area and some of our customers reviews:


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